Enticing the Earl, Book 3

Unlikely Lords

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He’s called the Beast of Bath. She’s a fierce bluestocking. Can she tame the bitter and angry soldier and forge a loving path forward for them both?

With his face ruined by the swipe of a French soldier's sword, Jonathan Lyle, the Earl of Hartley, retreats from Society. He cannot tolerate the pity in people’s eyes when they look at him. He was once the darling of the ton, and now he's called the Beast of Bath. When a young woman trespasses on his land, and his horse nearly tramples her, she brilliantly scolds him. Now he can’t seem to forget the feisty miss who doesn’t cower before him.

Lady Harriet Davies is spending the summer in Bath with her grandmother. When she's nearly trampled by the earl’s massive stallion, she scolds him for being so careless. His gruffness and lack of apology take her aback, but there's something about the man that intrigues her, and she makes it her mission to help him regain his dignity and enjoy life once again. Will Harriet be able to help the Beast of Bath open his heart and find true love?

Praise for this book

Debra Elizabeth delivers another sweet winner in the third installment of her 'Unlikely Lords' series. (Looks like there might be one more coming...) The author has a simplistic style of writing that may not appeal to all readers, but again I was transported by her ability to move a story along without dragging things out. The Earl (Jon) was severely wounded during the war by a saber to his face. Jon also has PTSD from the battle where he was scarred. I don't usually like this particular trope, but Debra makes it work. The heroine, Harriet, happens to be the younger sister of Mercy from the first book in the series, 'Wolf in Duke's Clothing'. From the beginning Harriet calls Jon her avenging angel, seeing strength in his scar, and ends up falling hard for him. However, Jon has more to overcome than just his scarred face. I love the determination he shows. At one point, Mercy says to Harriet, "...you must let things play out in its own good time. You cannot force someone to love you." Great story, great characters! I recommend this series to everyone.